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Channel Eye to Partner with WellBeing World

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Doing the right thing in business is critical to high performance. The way we treat our people, suppliers, stakeholders and customers sets us apart. We are therefore very pleased to be partnering with Beverley Le Cuirot and the extensive WellBeing World network to bring you one of the most comprehensive views on the many aspects of wellbeing.

This will include meaningful, purposeful work to financial security, physical, mental and emotional health, social resilience, business ethics, inclusivity and culture, authentic corporate and civic leadership, community relations, care for the environment, and much more for the business world in the Channel Islands. Wellbeing has never been so all-encompassing and vitally important to our lives and livelihoods.

Beverley embodies heart-centred, collaborative and impact driven leadership and has enjoyed a long and illustrious international career. Initially in the corporate world in the UK, Channel Islands and internationally, she has been Chair of both the Chartered Institute of Marketing Jersey branch and Young Enterprise Jersey, has served as a Non-Executive Director in the not for profit entertainment and care sectors, and she has run her own business.

In March 2020, she also set up a support group for small business owners in Jersey, primarily to guide them through the pandemic and still going to the present day. The group numbers almost 2,000 members and has earned her a number of nominations, including the BBC Jersey & Guernsey Make a Difference Awards for which she was a Finalist and presented with a Highly Commended Award.

WellBeing World is now in its 12th year. It comprises a network of thousands of health and wellbeing experts locally and internationally, the well-known WellBeing World magazine, and the WellBeing At Work platform of business services, including Leaders in WellBeing and the WellBeing Reimagined Toolkit for individuals. They also have an extensive social media presence.

If you believe in wellbeing, we are sure you will have heard of them. Together with the team at Channel Eye we will explore the ever-increasing range of topics relating to workplace wellbeing in organisations, large and small, giving our existing networks even greater opportunity for relevant and relatable coverage.

Watch this space for new features and opportunities!


World Wellbeing Week 2024

June 24 – June 30

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