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World WellBeing At Work Week: The Evolution of Workplace Wellbeing

Deloitte have undertaken several pieces of research looking at workplace wellbeing since the Covid-19 pandemic. To begin World WellBeing At Work Week 2023, Jonathan Wiseman, Director, and Precious Obiagwu, Manager, of sponsors Deloitte LLP Jersey, discuss what this research has shown them, the importance of workplace wellbeing, and the benefits it brings to both individuals […]

Rethinking Workplace Wellbeing – Who’s Responsibility is it, Anyway?

World WellBeing At Work Week 2023 is fast approaching. Whilst prioritising employee wellbeing is a year-round commitment, this global awareness event, originally established by WellBeing World, offers us the opportunity to review our workplace wellbeing; to reflect on how our employees are faring, how our policies and practices impact their wellbeing, and how we can cultivate […]

International Week of Happiness at Work: The Key to Workplace Happiness

Surrounded as we are with constant external stimuli, it’s easy to overlook the pursuit of happiness within ourselves. In our quest for success, material wealth, achievements, possessions, and external validation, we chase promotions, dream holidays, and the latest gadgets, and often forget that true and lasting  happiness is not something to be found in the […]

Embracing September’s Igikai to Boost Corporate Wellbeing

September marks a pivotal point in the year, with employees returning from the summer break refreshed, revitalised and looking to embark on new challenges. Businesses also recalibrate their goals, making it an opportune moment to align individual aspirations with company objectives. This renewed energy corresponds perfectly with the concept of Igikai – a Japanese term […]

The Profound Connection Between Wellbeing and Human Sustainability

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It comes as no surprise that wellbeing has taken centre stage in recent years in the lives of individuals the world over. A recent study conducted by Deloitte revealed that a staggering 74% of the workforce prioritises their wellbeing above career progression. This shift in focus signals a growing recognition of the importance of personal […]

A Summer of Wellbeing: Balancing the Holiday Season and Business Needs

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As the summer sun shines brightly and holiday plans start taking shape, it’s essential to recognise the value of taking a holiday and the positive impact it can have on our overall wellbeing. While some of us may hesitate to step away from work, finding a balance between taking a break and keeping business operations […]

The Benefits of Managing Work-Related Stress

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April is Stress Awareness Month, a time to focus on the importance of understanding and managing the effects of stress in our lives. As the world continues to grapple the after effects of the pandemic, stress and its impact on mental health have come to the fore. The impact of stress on mental health is […]

Ditch the Diet!

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If you want more energy, agility, clarity and focus, crash diets won’t do it, but changing how you eat, move, sleep and relax will. EAT Start Your Day with Protein Starting your day with sugar-loaded cereal doesn’t provide sustained energy.  Fortunately, the solution is as easy as it is delicious: start your day with some […]

How to Encourage Conversations in the Workplace

Having conversations about wellbeing with team members is a skill which doesn’t always come easily to managers. Nevertheless, there is a significant amount of data which shows that wellbeing initiatives can lead to improved performance, productivity, turnover and absence rates. Continuing our focus on how talking can change lives, Khalil Rener, founder of Rener Wellbeing, […]

Wellbeing-Driven Leadership is the Path to Sustainable Business Success

Next week the Institute of Leadership and Management celebrates its annual International Leadership Week. To celebrate the event, every day Channel Eye will be featuring articles exploring different aspects of leadership and what makes an effective leader. Our International Leadership Week features will be sponsored by Jersey-based WellBeing World. Today, Founder of WellBeing World and WellBeing […]

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