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World WellBeing Week 2024

June 24 – June 30

Wellbeing in the Workplace

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Wellbeing Wheel

The Nine Science-Backed Drivers of WellBeing

Our WellBeing Wheel is the culmination of more than two decades of research by our Founder, Beverley Le Cuirot. An experienced professional with a proven track record in corporate and organisational leadership, Beverley also trained as a Life Coach, is a qualified IIN Health Coach, and holds certificates in Positive Psychology, Stress Management and Mental Health.

Each area of the WellBeing Wheel is an essential element, proven in science, which together contribute towards a balanced, holistic and harmonious life.

WorkVocation, Life Purpose, Volunteering, Financial Security
EnergyWellness, Physical Fitness, Mental Resilience, Emotional Health
LoveSocial, Family, Friends, Community, Connection
Life BalanceRest, Relaxation, Leisure, Hobbies, Creativity
BeliefTrust, Self Worth, Passion, Drive, Resourcefulness
EnvironmentHome, Workspace, Conscious Living, Outdoor Life
Inclusivity Self Awareness, Diversity, Belonging, Respect, Collaboration
NutritionSelf Care, Healthy Eating, Restorative Sleep
GratitudeKindness, Seeing the Good, Compassion, Authenticity

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