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The 5-Minute Gratitude Exercise

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Everyone at one time or another experiences problems that consume them. These may be relationship challenges, work problems, health issues, financial challenges …

The list is numerous. These issues grab hold and overwhelm you and your energy. Sometimes so much so you are exhausted by these problems. They grab so tight you wonder if you will ever move forward.

How do you lessen the grasp your challenges have on you and your energy? What could have you seeing a way of positive change? The 5 – Minute Gratitude Exercise just may be what you have been looking for.

The practice of acknowledging gratitude lessens the heaviness these issues have on you, your energy, and your ability to see through your challenges, enabling you to create space for new and more a more positive view on the situation.

It takes 5 minutes and 7 steps …

1. For one minute ponder the issue that has consumed your energy.
2. Focus on how you are feeling as you think about the problem.
3. For the second minute think of something you are grateful for around that issue.

Some examples might be:
My spouse and I are having difficulties at the moment. I am grateful for my best friend as I can call and talk with her and feel I have someone who I can share my feelings. Or, you can focus on something you love about your spouse.

My doctor told me I have cancer. I am grateful that they caught it early. Or maybe, I am so lucky to have the doctor and his support staff to assist me with this.

This layoff has made it difficult to pay my bills and I worry about where the money will come from until I find work. I am thankful my mortgage was paid off last year so that I do not have that expense presently. Or possibly, I have an abundance of love and support in my life to see me through this experience.

These are just examples to get you going. Think of what is in your life around the issue that you can be grateful for even though the issue seems to hold you so. There’s always something to be grateful for even in a difficult situation. It may require a little searching but it’s there.

4. Once you have identified something you are grateful for, close your eyes and focus on it. Let your thoughts wander and soon other things for which you are grateful in other areas of your life will begin to emerge. Positive thoughts attract positive thoughts.

5. As these thoughts speak to you, imagine there is a volume knob inside your head, a physical knob like the one on a car radio, not the digital one. Now, imagine reaching out and turning up the volume on these thoughts of gratitude to a point where it is comfortable, but stretches you a little.

6. Just like that song where you crank up the volume because it feels good. Let this volume of gratitude fill you with that same sense.

7. Notice how you feel. Hold onto this feeling and when you feel yourself stuck by the situation, go find this feeling and think of another thought of gratitude to add.

When you find yourself being sucked down into the “woe-is-me” syndrome, or consumed by your problems, stop for five minutes and give this exercise a go.

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