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World WellBeing Week – Last Day: What does Wellbeing Mean to You?

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It’s Day 10 today, the last day of World WellBeing Week 2021, and our focus is on You. What does wellbeing FEEL like for you? Do you know when you’ve got it and when you haven’t? It’s more than just physical, wellbeing comprises all aspects of social and relational, mental, emotional, financial, vocational, intellectual, spiritual and environmental wellbeing … what are you doing to feed your wellbeing today? It has never been so important.

Over the last nine days we have looked at how the various science-backed drivers of wellbeing contribute to a balanced, holistic and harmonious life. As we said on Day 1, the key is in the word itself:

• W – Work
• E – Energy
• L – Love
• L – Life Balance
• B – Belief
• E – Environment
• I – Intuition
• N – Nutrition
• G – Gratitude

The word ‘wellbeing’ forms our ‘Wheel’ of WellBeing. In the same way as a building needs strong foundations and regular maintenance, so it is important to consider all aspects of the wheel and to try to keep it moving. Let’s not focus on our wellbeing for just one week, or 10 days as it has been this year, instead it really is something to think about each and every day. Hopefully, World WellBeing Week will have inspired you and many people all over the world to take action, start fresh habits and create a new way of life.

Keep focusing on your self-care even more so now, as we gradually emerge from the pandemic. Think about it as needing to balance the energy you give (at work and to others) with the energy you get (your self-care and wellbeing). Don’t allow one to significantly outweigh the other. You need to replenish your energy supplies in exactly the same way as you need to refuel your car and recharge the battery in your phone.

It is hoped we have weathered the worst of the storm brought about in recent months, although there are still many issues to cope with and to resolve, including ongoing stress and anxiety, pandemic burnout, returning to the workplace, commuting on public transport, travelling locally and internationally, and once again being in the vicinity of large social gatherings. We all need to learn new skills to manage our stress, avoid burnout, and build our resilience for a long while yet to come.

In the same way as effective corporate wellbeing isn’t about a one-off event or one-size-fits-all intervention, wellbeing is a journey. It is a purposeful intention to ensure that the emotional and physical needs of your employees are met. This may involve a fundamental change to the way of working and organisational culture, starting at the top. So, your own wellbeing isn’t just a nice thing to do, a one-hit wonder, it is something you need to give attention to every day to create new and sustainable habits.

Every day is a new start, it is never too late to start a new habit.

What has this week taught you, or reminded you about? Here’s a quick recap of some of the messages we have shared during World WellBeing Week:

1. Slow down often, and take regular breaks, outside in nature if you can, as often as you can.

2. Segregate work and home life and introduce a healthful balance. Develop a rest ethic.

3. Remember the 4-7-8 breathing technique for immediate calm.

4. Step away from things you are unable to change or influence, and LET THEM GO.

5. Take good care of yourself, mind, body and spirit. You deserve self-care, you need it, and you need to remember to practice it. We all do.

6. Be active, stay hydrated, and avoid foods that do us harm.

7. Keep your thoughts positive and kind, because you are always listening.

8. Make sure you plan something enjoyable for yourself every day. Even ten minutes.

9. Reach out to people who will lift you. Always ask for help when you need it.

10. Know your WHY. Focus on small, meaningful goals to work towards. This will slowly but surely reignite your drive and enthusiasm.

11. Count your blessings, there is always something positive to be grateful for, each and every day. You will be happier, more productive, and you will sleep more soundly.

12. Inhale confidence, exhale doubt.

Make sure you always have time for your own wellbeing. Why not try to finish your meetings five minutes earlier and devote the time you release each day to your self-care?

Enjoy your today and remember, when it comes to your wellbeing, there is no quick fix. As with physical training, it is something we need to practice in order to see results. What we do today sets the scene for the rest of our lives.

One more thing to leave you with. Research shows that committing an act of kindness once a week over a six-week period will boost your wellbeing. That’s a good enough reason to practice kindness and pay it forward, whenever you can.

Which is why we have set up a number of different groups on Facebook to support small business owners, entrepreneurs, corporates, corporate employees, parents, teenagers, charity workers, and carers, with their own wellbeing. Please do join us, if one or more is right for you.

We have thoroughly enjoyed bringing these articles to you during World WellBeing Week 2021. A huge thanks to Tim and the team at Channel Eye for their enthusiasm and support for our work, and for wellbeing, and thank you also to you the reader. Because of you and all of the wonderful people who have participated in World WellBeing Week this year, we have already achieved an estimated social media reach of 5.7 million, and we are still counting!

Do please let us know if we can support you with any of your wellbeing needs, anytime, we would love to help.

You’ll find us here and at: – or please feel free to email me directly at: – Thank you!

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