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Giving the Gift of Self-Care This Christmas

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Building on the growing awareness of wellbeing and its importance to our lives and livelihoods, WellBeing World has created the Countdown to WellBeing.

This initiative supports small businesses and encourages us all to look after ourselves in what can be a hectic time for many, and a challenging, even lonely time for others.

Countdown to WellBeing – the Advent Calendar with a Difference – will share health and wellbeing ideas to make you the best you can be, to be less stressed, and more resilient to face life’s challenges. It will include a wide range of experts and wellbeing services who have been invited to participate, entirely free of charge. It started on Wednesday, 10th November, 45 days out from Christmas Day, and will run each day on social media until Friday, 10th December.

Mrs Le Cuirot commented: “Practicing self-care this Christmas is so important, we all need, and deserve, a little extra care. Our Advent Calendar will give some great ideas for gifts for loved ones and colleagues … and importantly, for us all, to look after ourselves. Every day you will have the choice to select what suits you. After all, individual choice is what drives wellbeing.”

The first few days featured the WellBeing Reimagined Toolkit which in itself brings together more than 60 wellbeing practitioners and businesses in one place offering discounted services and free resources to meet all wellbeing needs. This is available for the duration of the Countdown with a 30% discount using the 321WELLBEING code at checkout.

A ‘Pay WellBeing Forward’ scheme has also been included which will match purchases with another Toolkit to give someone else a little extra support in times of need. Team purchases are also available for employers.

Next week will introduce self-care ideas from a wide range of practitioners and wellbeing services. One of the first ideas is one made with love.

Created by Pam Aubert after nearly burning out earlier this year and made initially for friends and colleagues, her ‘Bee Kind’ self-care kits are available as a part of the Countdown to WellBeing Advent Calendar. Pam works full time for a cancer charity and cares deeply about people prioritising more self-care in their lives. She knows more than most that we truly can’t pour from an empty cup.

Other participants will include:
• Yoga with Anne Meadows of Yoga Meadows
• Acupuncture with Deborah Tanguy; Chiropractic with Tom Wagstaffe; Nutrition with Esther Schultz; and Energy Psychology with Louise Saunders of Elemental Health
• Relaxation with Carrie Atkinson; Chiropractic with Ian MacFarlane; and Counselling with Alex Dessain of Align Health Agency
• Indian Head Massage with Natalie Cummins of Serafina
• Acupuncture with Polly Ashton of The Neroli Clinic
• Pilates with Tania Le Couilliard of TLC Pilates
• Skin care gift box from Rachna Stear at Essentially All You Need
• Free Chapter from Royston Guest’s best-selling book ‘RISE: Why Your Health is Your Greatest Asset’
• Chiropractic with Dr Tom Faulkner and Dr Tacy Wright of Human Health
• 1:1 Consultations with Carol Le Quesne of Feathers Healing
• Acupuncture with Lorna Jackson of Health Point Clinic
• Natural Bioenergetics with Claire De Gruchy of Shalbeck Life Centre
• Aura-Soma with Eileen Holland
• STONK vitamins for the party season
• Mixed box of non-alcoholic wines from Clarity Wines
• Lots of self-care hints and tips, and more.

Mrs Le Cuirot added: “Awareness will always be important when it comes to wellbeing, which is why we are delighted that these practitioners are participating to help us all maintain and improve our own wellbeing and that of our loved ones and colleagues.

“We have had some positive interest to our Facebook group, additional practitioners who wish to join us, and we have already received enquiries from a number of individuals, and businesses who wish to introduce the Countdown to WellBeing to their employees, the more the merrier.

If you would like to see all of the daily offers, please join us on our Facebook group – Countdown to WellBeing – search on the hashtags #countdowntowellbeing and #christmasselfcare – or contact me at for more info, always very happy to help.

And of course if you would like to gift the Toolkit to your team, please email us and we will do the rest.

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