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Enable Jersey Launch New Services To Support And Include Disabled Islanders

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Enable Jersey, previously the Jersey Society for the Disabled, believe that disability matters to everyone in society. As a charity, they have a proud 50 year history of supporting anybody affected by disability in Jersey, including family members, friends and carers.

Sean Pontin, CEO of Enable said, ‘As with many charities the last two years have been difficult but this has also given us the opportunity to review where we are and where Jersey needs us to be. Our new services are something of a departure from previous activities and have been developed working with members of the community and our partners to see where support is really needed not just where we think it is. As a result, we are confident we can make a real difference.’

He continued, ‘Enable is committed to working together with other organisations and not replicating services that already exist. We want to bring value to conversations and partnerships, share knowledge and resources where we can, rather than compete.’

Enable will offer three new services which launched on 1st November 2021.

Enable Connect
Enable Connect is a one stop shop offering advice and guidance, enabling people to access their community, and helping them to navigate and access local services and information about care planning, as well as advocacy and mediation.

Enable Voice
Enable Jersey wants its members to feel able to talk safely and be heard; for people with experience of disability to be central to conversations and considered equal by their experience. Only in this way will Jersey become a truly inclusive island. Enable Voice will provide a safe, supportive environment to capture these essential messages and support everyone to contribute in whatever way they are able to. Everyone has something to offer, the challenge is to find a way.

Enable Voice is an initial partnership with the Government of Jersey to help underpin and drive forward the implementation of the Disability Strategy. The hope is that the forum becomes a consultative voice for all parts of the community, embedded for the long term.

Enable Wellbeing
Wellbeing is a complex combination of a person’s physical, mental, emotional and social health. Add the impact of living with a disability, a long-term health condition or supporting someone who does and finding a balance and wellness can be elusive.

Enable Wellbeing is a new partnership between Enable Jersey and island provider WellBeing World. Members will be supported to access the already proven WellBeing Reimagined Toolkit and a range of experienced WellBeing World expert providers.

Services offered include more than 180 areas of wellbeing from health and fitness to psychotherapy, counselling, trauma recovery, allied health professions such as chiropractic and physiotherapy, also acupuncture, stress management, health coaching, sleep consultancy, voice and performance coaching, and more.

Also included is a comprehensive library of resources including meditations and reference material, and the NHS approved mental health app, Thrive. The majority of the participating practitioners offer discounted services via the scheme. Where clients have specific needs then more specialised support will be sought via other approved services and funded for a short period.

Enable Jersey would encourage anyone wishing to join any of our groups and services to contact us to find out more.

About Enable Jersey
Enable Jersey is the island’s only pan-disability charity working with islanders living with autism, sensory, learning, physical, cognitive or emotional disabilities and life-long conditions.

The charity believes it is time for change. They want to remove the barriers that limit disabled islanders and inspire changes that create a more inclusive community; one where diversity is celebrated and everyone can contribute their unique skills and gifts.

For further information please contact:
Sean Pontin – Chief Executive Officer

Enable Jersey

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