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Sarah Taylor – for Body Re-Balancing and Phytobiophysics® Testing

Drawing on over 25 years of training and experience, Sarah works with a combination of manual and energetic therapies to re-establish a sense of wellbeing and balance to the body, mind and spirit.

Initially trained in Reflexology, Indian head massage and Aromatherapy massage, Sarah is also a Reiki master, Soul Coaching practitioner and Phytobiophysics® practitioner. In 2022 she initiated her Cranio Sacral therapy training with the Upledger Institute and now combines all of the above to create bespoke treatments for each of her clients.

Passionate about holistic therapies and awakening the body’s innate capacity for healing, Sarah offers two forms of complementary treatment:

– Body Re-Balancing – for those looking for relief from acute or chronic physical conditions, injuries and stress, Body Re-Balancing combines manual and energetic therapies to enable the release of trauma, whilst creating a deep sense of balance and relaxation.

– Phytobiophysics® Testing – harnessing the science of plant and flower energies, Phytobiophysics® is a system of vibrational medicine that works with the body’s own electrical frequencies to restore balance and harmony. Working on physical, emotional and mental levels, the essences work on a profound level to encourage the body’s own innate ability to heal whilst restoring an overall sense of wellbeing.

Body Re-Balancing Initial Consultation £90 75mins

Body Re-Balancing Follow-Up Consultation £75 60 mins

Phytobiophysics® Initial Consultation £90 75mins

Phytobiophysics® Follow-Up Consultation £75 60mins

** Phytobiophysics Consultation fee includes testing and 2 personalised vibrational essences. All other supporting formulas from the Phytobiophysics range are charged for separately, as below:

Heart Power Formulas £14.90

Super Fit Formulas £13.90

Flower Formulas £11.00

Special Care & EDS Range £12.90

Sarah is based at Elemental Health every Tuesday morning. The practice is conveniently located in St Peter in Jersey, above Boots Pharmacy and next to M&S, with private parking at the rear.

To make an appointment please follow the link:

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