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Pippa Campbell Health

The 360 Approach to Women’s Health.

Helping women, from teens to post-menopause, find and treat the root causes of their hormone, weight and gut issues

Pippa’s ethos is to work with each client on an individual basis, assessing needs, discussing goals, and then creating a personalised plan.

Functional medicine and Nutrigenomics is the real golden key to success.

Diet and lifestyle can do a lot, but finding out the reason why your body is inflamed at a cellular level (and causing silent damage to your organs) is the absolute game-changer!

That’s why the approach Pippa and her team bring together includes healthy eating, lifestyle and mindset with medical testing and scientific analysis using Functional Medicine, Nutrigenomics (DNA Testing) and the 3 Month Metabolic Programme.

It’s a multi-pronged approach that will help you achieve your optimum health and vitality.





T: +44 (0) 7797 728 864

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