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Linda Loftsdottir MSc Positive Psychology

Linda’s practice is based on Positive Psychology, Solution-Focused Therapy and Appreciative Inquiry. These disciplines all share a view that when it comes to helping individuals flourish and thrive the key is focusing on the positive in order to implement change and improve wellbeing.

When working with organisations Her courses and workshops are always very practical, giving participants opportunities to practice what they are learning. She helps them discover their strengths and teaches them key Positive Psychology concepts which will help them master their mental health and improve their wellbeing.

As a Person Centred Therapist, Linda’s clients are always at the heart of her practice and so her approach is always tailored to suit their individual needs.

Linda offer therapeutic support to young female professionals suffering from mild depression and anxiety, low self-esteem and negative body image. She uses Positive Psychology to support her therapeutic work and she especially likes to work with a strength-based approach. As an accredited Master Strengthscope Practitioner she also delivers strength-based workshops and courses to organisations and has one specifically tailored to support parents.

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