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Anova – Science-Backed Measurement and Engagement

Making wellbeing everyone’s responsibility, Anova is a platform that flips employee experience and engagement on its head by putting wellbeing first.

A science-backed assessment platform that collates data from your organisation to help you build a happier, healthier workforce, it measures wellbeing and by following Anova’s interventions you will be on your way to having a highly productive, engaged, and retained workforce.

The platform supports all managers with team-specific suggestions to improve wellbeing and engagement in their team based on employee feedback. This is important because it helps to make wellbeing everyone’s responsibility – employees who feel looked after and are happy and well will be more engaged, productive, and loyal, improving retention and overall profits.

In summary, Anova is a survey platform that:
• Provides a retention forecast, measure for productivity, engagement and employee Net Promotor score
• Demonstrates correlations between wellbeing and bottom-line measures
• Has a dedicated trained Psychologist as customer support representative
• Pushes action to where it is most actionable – with managers
• Helps to create a happier, healthier workforce




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