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Alice Vincenti – Parent Health Hub

Alice Vincenti has worked in various areas of health care for over a decade. Following graduation, her main specialism was in paediatrics, offering her the privilege of working with 100’s of families. Recognising the indispensable link between parental health and child development, Alice conducted research during her MSc specifically on parental self-efficacy and its strong connection with children’s goals and participation.

As a Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Alice covered many areas of assessment and intervention, and furthered this specialism by studying Foundations and Neuroscience with the Sensory Integration Network in 2018. In 2022 Alice further trained in the specialism of Perinatal care. Collectively this paved the way for the Parent Health Hub, a platform dedicated to helping parents manage emotional challenges such as overwhelm, frustration, outbursts, and dysregulation. Alice firmly believes that children thrive when their parents are at their best, thereby emphasising the crucial role of parental mental health and wellbeing in child development.

Occupational Therapists are guided by the principle that engagement in meaningful activities enhances physical and mental health. The Parent Health Hub applies this philosophy to parenting challenges, offering personalised support and online courses to address the needs of parents both at home and in the workplace. These courses are accessible to individual parents or organisations seeking to support employee wellbeing and retention.





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