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Find Your Mastery in the Workplace by Uncovering Your Magnificence

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We are constantly looking for ways to fix or heal ourselves, heal our chaotic world and create something new.

In Channel Eye’s final feature marking ‘International Boost Your Self-Esteem Month’, Elaine McGoogan, Founder of The Oneness of You, asks what if we look at it from another perspective, and what if achieving wellbeing is as simple as recognising and living the most magnificent version of ourselves?

From this new perspective, we can experience life in a more meaningful and fulfilled way. We can let go of trying to ‘fix’ and simply live life in the flow of all its challenges and amazing opportunities.

This wider perspective necessitates going beyond conventional measures. It extends into the realms of self-awareness, resilience, and the mastery of our unique capabilities: a transformative journey, requiring us not only to uncover our magnificence but to embody our magnificence.

Sounds daunting? There is a rhythmic flow to the journey that supports us. Let’s explore what this rhythm entails and how it can enrich our lives.

Self-reflection: How much am I expressing my magnificence?

To unravel the layers of magnificence, we must turn the camera towards ourselves and engage in self-reflection. This internal journey involves peeling back the layers of society’s expectations, self-imposed limitations and fears that may get in the way of the authentic expression of our unique capabilities.

A great question to ask yourself is: “What would expressing all my talents in both my personal life and workplace look like?” Even just sitting with such a big question evokes some kind of response, brings insights and growth.

This journey to embodied magnificence is a transformative experience and a natural part of the process is a deep examination of your beliefs and thoughts about your talents and abilities. Ask yourself: “What thoughts or self-limiting beliefs get in the way of the full expression of my magnificence?”

At the core of any transformative journey is self-awareness. Self-awareness allows us to navigate life’s challenges with clarity, purpose, and fluidity. It helps us to recognise our patterns and the stories we tell ourselves, and how they shape our reality. The awareness of our authentic self brings us the courage to step beyond our comfort zone, to embrace change and uncertainty as a gateway to growth. Our struggles are transformed into lessons of resilience and compassion.

The role of power in the journey to embodied magnificence

There are so many misconceptions and misunderstandings around power. However, to live a magnificently fulfilling life, we are required to step into our own personal power. Personal power is the essence of our inner strength and capabilities, the essence of our authenticity – the power to make choices regardless of the choices others make.

Embarking on the path to magnificence and mastery is fundamentally a journey to wholeness.

Stepping into our personal power requires us to step into the driver’s seat of our life, making conscious choices that align with our values and goals. Quite a challenge! And it is also key to unlocking mastery of all facets of our lives by instilling a sense of self-confidence and autonomy.

I invite you to recall a moment in your life when you felt yourself standing in your power, allowing it to shine through with all your brilliance. How did this feel and how did this affect those around you in that moment?

What is embodied magnificence?

Embodied magnificence is your mastery in the field of endless opportunities, beyond your talents and capabilities. Your mastery is what brings passion, aliveness, and vibrancy into your life. This is not a distant, abstract ideal but one that is tangible and essential to unlocking your full potential. It is a journey towards self-discovery, self-expression and a life that reflects your deepest values and aspirations. Your mastery shows up in how you allow yourself to simply live life in the flow of all its challenges and amazing opportunities.

Your mastery already revealed itself to you as a child; it was what you loved to do, what made you happy. What is your mastery? How does it uplift and inspire others?

How is unleashing magnificence a recipe for success in the workplace!

There are three key ingredients: expansionempowerment, and magnificence: expansion through self-reflection and letting go of what holds you back; the empowerment of stepping into your own power; and the magnificence of recognising your unique mastery.

Living these ingredients has a profound effect on your personal life, workplace, your communities, and society as a whole:

  • Expansion involves continuous learning and a broadening of new horizons, radiating your strengths and abilities, fostering adaptability and resilience, innovative thinking, and a dynamic and forward-looking environment in the workplace.
  • Empowerment instils a sense of self-confidence and autonomy, enabling you to take initiatives and make life-affirming choices, empowering your colleagues to build teams that work cohesively. Work is naturally more enjoyable and productive.
  • Magnificence is an expansion into your fullest potential and awareness of your inherent greatness. Discovering your magnificence is key to encouraging a ‘we-culture’ that thrives on the unique brilliance of everyone in your workplace. An awesome ‘we-culture’ is created without competition and jealousy – simply shared mastery.

Each of us has a unique and magnificent role to play in the workplace. What is your unique role and what part of yourself do you wish to bring to the we-culture?

And there is more… Embarking on the path to magnificence and mastery is fundamentally a journey to wholeness. You embrace your entirety, integrating intellect, emotion, intuition, and compassion, bringing all of you into your personal and professional life. It is a joyful process as you come home to yourself.

It is my mastery to help others to unleash their magnificence; it allows me to shine and live my life to the fullest. Writing this article inspired me to put into words what I do naturally. May these words inspire you to remember the untapped potential within each of you.

Let this be the beginning of a magnificent journey that not only transforms you but also the world around you.

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