Creating a WORLD of Difference


Author: Joanne Lipman

Publisher: John Murray (22 February 2018)

World WellBeing Week 2024

June 24 – June 30

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Win Win: When Business Works for Women, It Works for Everyone


‘Attention, good guys: this book is for you’

Adam Grant, bestselling author of Originals and Option B with Sheryl Sandberg

‘Urgently needed’

Charles Duhigg, bestselling author of The Power of Habit and Smarter

‘I know what you’re thinking: ‘Not another career guide-cum-manifesto, telling us to “woman up” and demand more money.’ But that isn’t what Lipman says. Instead, she uses data, reams of it, to expose how the system is rigged against women. She then calls for men to join the fight to make the workplace more equal’

Sunday Times Style Magazine

Women spend their working lives adapting to an environment set up for men, by men: from altering the way they speak to changing the clothes they wear to power posing. But still the gender gap persists. And once you see it – women being overlooked, interrupted, their ideas credited to men – it’s impossible to ignore.

But it needn’t be this way.

Diving deep into the wide range of government initiatives, corporate experiments and social science research Joanne Lipman offers fascinating new revelations about the way men and women work culled from the Enron scandal, from brain research, from transgender scientists and from Iceland’s campaign to ‘feminise’ an entire nation. Packed with fascinating and entertaining examples – from the woman behind the success of Tupperware to how Google reinvented its hiring process – Win Win is a rallying cry to both men and women to finally take real steps towards closing the gender gap.

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