Creating a WORLD of Difference


Author: David Livermore

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education / Europe, Middle East & Africa (16 March 2016)

World WellBeing Week 2024

June 24 – June 30

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How Great Companies Fuel Innovation Through Diversity


Today’s workforce is more diverse than ever before. But despite new perspectives and talents, the promise of increased innovation rarely materializes. Why are so few businesses seeing results? Studies show that diverse teams are more creative than homogenous ones-but only when they are managed effectively.

The secret is to minimise conflict while maximising the informational diversity found in varied values and experiences. To do this, both leaders and team members need a high level of cultural intelligence, or CQ.

Drawing on success stories from Google, Alibaba, Novartis, and other groundbreaking companies, Driven by Difference identifies the management practices necessary to guide multicultural teams to innovation, including how to:

  • Create an optimal environment
  • Build trust
  • Fuse differing perspectives
  • Align goals and expectations
  • Generate fresh ideas
  • Consider the various audiences when selecting and selling an idea
  • Design and test for different users

Cultural differences can lead to gridlock, or they can catalyse innovation and growth. This research-based plan turns diversity’s potential into economic reality.

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