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World WellBeing At Work Week: The Hidden Costs of Ignoring Workplace Wellbeing

This week, we’ve published a diverse range of articles offering insights into workplace wellbeing from multiple perspectives; professional, corporate, individual, and medical. As World WellBeing At Work Week, sponsored by Deloitte LLP Jersey, concludes, Beverley Le Cuirot, the Founder of WellBeing World, sheds light on the repercussions of neglecting workplace wellbeing. She highlights the hidden (and often […]

World WellBeing At Work Week: Workplace Wellbeing from a Functional Medicine Perspective

Wellbeing and resilience are real buzzwords these days and for good reason, with high stress and mental health issues rapidly becoming part of normal life. In our fourth World WellBeing At Work Week article, sponsored by Deloitte LLP Jersey, Jersey-based Holistic Functional Medicine Practitioner Dr Sheila Richards delves into the dynamics of workplace wellbeing using a functional medicine […]

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